Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog Post Ideas for 2011

I got this brilliant idea from Cranial Soup, who got it from Chris Whitely.

If you are a blogger in one of these niches, but struggling to come up with ideas for new blog posts - you may find these resources handy.

As April Russo wrote in her blog - "Don’t copy them word for word, just use them as your springboard to get you started".

Kitchen Herb Garden 2011 Wall Calendar By Sherri Buck Baldwin365 Bottles of Beer Page-A-Day 2011 Desk CalendarA Year of Guilty Pleasures 2011 Day-to-Day CalendarPassion for Fashion Page-A-Day 2011 Desk CalendarFashion of the 20th Century 2011 Page-a-day Desk CalendarThis Day in History 2011 Desk CalendarBaseball Trivia Diecut Calendar 2011365 Sports Facts-A-Year 2011 Page-A-Day CalendarBook Lover's 2011 Page-A-Day Calendar1,000 Places to See Before You Die Page-A-Day Calendar 2011The Wine Lover's 2011 Page-A-Day Calendar3,650 Things to Be Happy About Diecut Calendar 2011


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